Integrated and Simplified Data Supply Chain Software

Cloud Based, Real-Time, Multi-Domain Operations Management and Data Supply Chain Solution integrated with UAV/Drones, Satellites, UGV/Robots, IoT, Wireless Sensors, Actionable Intelligence technologies and more.

Connected Ops is suitable for small businesses as well as international corporations. Features are enabled to fit your expectations.

Our mission is to simplify Aerial, Ground, Maritime and Space Operations, Resource and Data Management using software and cloud computing technologies.
Real Estate


We bring all our technical know-how and experience into transforming the multi-domain operations and data management complexity into super simple, cloud-based mission management software. Wide scope of features including integrated satellite imagery catalogs, real-time autonomous unmanned aerial and ground vehicles management, field operations, asset tracking, encapsulated and distributed data processing capabilities. You may bring your own intelligence and AI capabilities into the Connected Ops Apps Marketplace. We are designed to meet the C4I expectations in global scale.

Sample Applications

Cloud Based Multi-Domain Operations Management
Future Combat Air System (European Union)
Situational Awareness
Object Detection
AI Algorithms
Object Tracking


Connected Ops offers a collection of features to deliver a smooth experience in your aerial operations. Human operated, remote piloted and autonomous aerial vehicles are connected to your daily business operations with real time data management. Strong API library and distributed cloud infrastructure powers integration to commercial or custom built manned or unmanned vehicles. You may store, process, stream and share on connected Ops Cloud a vast variety of massive data such as orthophotos, 3D Tiles, 3D Models, aircraft location history and even flight logs. Your team Members or business partners will not need to install any special type of software for most data types.

Sample Applications

Real-time UAV / Drone Operations Management
Urban Air Mobility Operations
Automated Aerial Flight and Data collection
2D and 3D Mapping
Change and Object Detection
Autonomous Route Planning


We do have solid infrastructure to deliver data workflows on the space domain. Satellites generate very large scale of historical earth observation imagery. You may browse through the integrated satellite catalogs with various imagery such as True Color, False Color, NDVI, SAR. and many others. Whether you are a researcher or operating a business, Connected Ops would provide you an end-to-end data collection, processing and distribution environment with your ecosystem. If you are a Satellite Tech provider, we can integrate our infrastructure to accommodate your satellite network.

Sample Applications

Earth Observation Data Management
Satellite Mesh Networking
Satellite Imagery Processing
600+ Satellite Imagery Catalog
Change Detection using Satellites

Emergency Management

Connected Ops offers easy usability and reporting workflows for emergency and law enforcement departments on the ground and the air. Simply collect incident/accident/legal data, case reports, images, videos and share with the interested parties via mobile apps, tablet app or web application. Connected Ops cloud provides super scalability and distributed computing for reliable access and data integrity. We do offer custom AI capabilities for department needs such as vehicle tag scanning, object tracking and more. We ensure the Connected Ops solution is super affordable for different size of companies. No capital expenditure, no investment and no waiting! Available today.

Sample Applications

Emergency Coordination and Data Management
Fire Incident Reporting and Management
Law Enforcement Case and Accident Reporting
Real-time Squad Tracking and Dispatching


We have adopted many manufacturing and warehousing workflows for real-time machinery and asset tracking using IoTs, sensors, cameras and integrations to your existing hardware. We seal the workforce and machinery harmony by adding AI capabilities to the workflow automation. Whether detecting the production malfunctions, defects or your custom problems, our data scientists will work with you to identify and deliver the optimum solution, integrated to your supply chain.

Sample Applications

Real-time Machinery and Asset Tracking
Workforce and Internal Workflow Management
Supply Chain and Logistics
Integrated AI to detect defects and Malfunction


Connected Ops offers end-to-end workflows for the insurance industry to manage insurance claims and inspections. Terrestrial or Aerial inspections can be performed using your traditional equipment, Connected Ops mobile apps and Drones. You may manage field teams, work orders, inspection images, satellite images, inspection reports and forms compiled in Connected Ops jobs and missions. In addition, you may add automated AI capabilities such as crack detection, demolished home detection and more from the Connected Ops Apps Marketplace. Whether you need a large area inspection using satellite imagery or precise high resolution data using UAV/Drones or in person inspections, Connected Ops has the ability to manage data and workflows completely.

Sample Applications

Insurance Claims Reporting & Management
End-to-End Inspection Workflows
Asset Management
Data Solution including 3D Site Models, Maps
Satellite Change Detection
Damage Assessment

Real Estate

While there are various applications requested by our clients, we give you the opportunity to manage your properties. Whether it is residential or commercial, Connected Ops enables you to deploy various integrated solutions on top of the traditional CMS or property management capabilities. Protect your property with automated Drones, intrusion detection with IoT sensors on your fences, human detection on your cameras and more. Workflows provide real time visibility and trigger notifications to your mobile devices.

Sample Applications

Property and Tenant Management and CMS
Aerial Inspections
3D Models and maps
Real Time Security Surveillance with UAVs, UGVs
Intrusion detection
Smoke alerts, motion detection


Connected Ops workflows provide flexible management solutions for industry specific applications. We offer multi-domain operations management features including vessel tracking, cargo tracking, aerial cargo/logistics UAV ops, asset management and many more innovative capabilities, adopted smoothly to your everyday operations.

Sample Applications

Real Time Vessel and Cargo Tracking
Cargo UAV/Drone Operations
Asset Management
Route Optimization

Connected Ops Trilogy

Multi layered, any-cloud based software designed to go beyond your business and technical expectations.

Connected Ops SaaS

Connected Ops offers cloud based Web UI, native Android & IOS applications, Video Wall and asset interfaces for continuous and uninterrupted user experience.

Software as a Service

Connected Ops PaaS

We offer extensive, strong and secure API library for your organization to launch new connected services and solutions. Time, cost and know-how efficient.

Platform as a Service

Connected Ops IaaS

Solid hybrid cloud-based infrastructure. Flexible to meet your business needs. Our DevOps environment enables your organization to offer continuous delivery on your technology and operations.

Infrastructure as a Service