Aerial, Ground, Maritime
Operations, Resource and Data
Management Solution

We provide cloud-based Connectivity, Software and Data Intelligence services using UAV/Drones, Satellites, UGV/Robots, IoT, Wireless Sensors technologies.

High Level Features

Jobs, Missions and Work Orders

Manage your field operations including job requests, work orders, field teams, job assets (UAV/drones, UGV/robots, IoT, sensors...). Collect data, process and share with others! Manage all field operations and missions in real time! Whether your jobs are drone surveillance missions or simply insurance claim inspections. You may manage variety of services.

Unmanned Systems COMMAND and CONTROL Center (Autonomous or Remotely Operated)

Our cloud-based platform enables secure two-way communication between the assets and the command center to transmit data or remotely pilot aerial and ground unmanned vehicles. We support 4G/5G, satellite, Radio Frequency connectivity as well as supervised and autonomous capabilities.

Data Management, Processing and Actionable Intelligence

Easily collect, securely store and share data with anyone as needed. Your clients do not need to install a new software to process or review your massive mission-specific data. There are various intelligence technologies and capabilities built-in such as 3D Photogrammetry, object detection, vehicle collision avoidance and more... We are able to integrate 3rd party solutions as well. In addition, you may "time travel" back to a specific time and review where people or assets were located for audit purposes.

Aerial, Ground and Maritime Resource Management

Geo-located fleet management of all your Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Drones, Unmanned Ground Vehicles/Robots, equipment and/or vehicles. View and manage status, locations, paths and missions. Collect asset specific data, imagery, videos and more. Manage the full lifecycle of assets and track them in real time.

Build your solution via API Engine

You may build your own web application, mobile apps, UGV/robots or UAV/Drones using cloud-based Connected Ops API. Some examples could be : Urban Mobility solution, insurance claim inspection, Air Taxi solutions and beyond...

Connectivity over 4G/5G, Satellite, IoT and Wireless Networks

Connected Ops is optimized to run on 4G/5G, satellite, RF, IoT and Wireless Networks. Connect your operations and resources using Connected Ops platform to view, manage, interact and visualize the status and data in real time. Seamlessly integrate sensors to the field work flow.

Client Relationship Management(CRM)

Keep track of your field teams, drone operators, suppliers, clients, contacts all in one place. Manage RFQ, RFI, bidding processes in a simplified manner.

Manage Your Service Offerings

START GENERATING REVENUE IMMEDIATELY in Aerial, Ground and Maritime domains. We ensure the optimum service offering capability for you to reach out to new clients globally. Start simple and define what you do the best. Connected Ops will connect you to right clients.
* Fully Managed Services : Aerial inspections, insurance claims mangement...
* Software Technologies : Data Collection, Data Analytics, Imagery, Data processing...
* Hardware Technologies : Drones/UAVs, Robots/UGVs, IoT Sensors...
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