Connected Ops

Integrated and Simplified Data Eco-System

Aerial, Ground, Maritime, Space
Operations, Resource and Data
Management Solution

We provide simplified operations, resource, data management ecosystem integrated with UAV/Drones, Satellites, UGV/Robots, IoT, Wireless Sensors and actionable intelligence technologies.

Connected Ops Features

Operations Management

Jobs, Missions and Work Orders

Manage your field operations including job requests, work orders, field teams, job assets (UAV/drones, UGV/robots, IoT, sensors...). Collect data, process and share with others. Manage all field operations and missions in real time! Whether your jobs are drone surveillance missions or simply insurance claim inspections. You may manage variety of services.

Unmanned Systems COMMAND and CONTROL Center (Autonomous or Remotely Operated)

Our cloud-based platform enables secure two-way communication between the assets and the command center to transmit data or remotely pilot aerial and ground unmanned vehicles. We support 4G/5G, satellite, Radio Frequency connectivity as well as supervised and autonomous capabilities around the World.

Connectivity over 4G/5G, Satellite, IoT and Wireless Networks

Connected Ops is optimized to run on 4G/5G, satellite, RF, IoT and Wireless Networks. Connect your operations and resources using Connected Ops platform to view, manage, interact and visualize the status and data in real time. Seamlessly integrate sensors to the field work flow.

Global Data Management

Data Management and Data Sharing

Easily collect, securely store and share data with anyone as needed. Your teams, clients or suppliers do not need to install a new software to review your massive mission-specific data. You will eliminate FTP file sharing, send hard disks with couriers or any other method. With few clicks, people can view, edit or process your massive(TBs) data.

Super Simple Cloud Based Data Processing

Simplified one-click data processing capabilities are available. There are various intelligence technologies and capabilities built-in such as 3D Photogrammetry, object detection, vehicle collision avoidance, flight route generator and more... Both internal and external intelligence capabilities as simple as few clicks. No contracts, license fees. Pay as much as you process.

Seamless Integration to 3rd-Party Data Processing

Connected Ops is able to integrate 3rd party solutions, data processing technologies very easily. If you are offering data technologies, leverage the Connected Ops ecosystem to generate revenue using your intellectual property. Looking for simplified data processing? It's ok, we will integrate asap if the technologies you are looking for are not already available.

Resource Management

Client Relationship Management(CRM)

Keep track of your internal teams and external contractors including but not limited to field teams, drone operators, suppliers, clients, contacts all in one place. Manage all the corporate relationships in a simplified manner. Your clients and suppliers get free and easy access to your resources as needed.

Aerial, Ground and Maritime Asset Management

Geo-located fleet management of all your manned aircrafts, unmanned aerial vehicles/Drones, unmanned ground vehicles/Robots, equipment, vehicles and vessels. View and manage assets' mantenance flows, live status, locations, paths and missions. Collect asset specific data, imagery, videos and more. Manage the full lifecycle of assets and track them in real time. Connectivity via 4G/5G, satellite, AIS, RF conttectivity available and built-in.

Procurement, Quote and PO Management

Procurement process is offered at a super simplified user experience. Manage full cycle of procurement including request for quote(RFQ) processes, quotes from suppliers, purchase orders, work order awards, timesheets, budgets, payments and more. You may manage a closed network of supplier/clients or find further high-tech service providers through the platform.

End-to-End Integrated Enterprise Solutions

Build Your Own Branded Solutions via API Engine

You may build your own branded complete solution including but not limited to the web applications, mobile apps, tablet apps, UGV/robots or UAV/Drones using cloud-based Connected Ops API. Some examples could be : Urban Mobility solutions, insurance claim inspection, Air Taxi(like Uber) solutions and beyond...

Integrated Solutions with Your Intellectual Property

If you have or build intellectual properties in software technologies, data analytics, hardware or assets/vehicles technologies, then Connected Ops platform is optimum for you to provide your capabilities to the global markets. Our team or your teams may start integrating immediately to provide services. The processes can be automated, therefore eliminating any manual labor for scalable revenue generation and service offerings.

Rapid Prototyping and Integrated R&D

We work with global corporations to rapidly develop and test hardare and software solutions, services integrated through the Connected Ops platform. Unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles, payloads, data processing technologies and more. Significant time and resource savings by immediate visualization through asset diagnostics, real-time operations, reporting and management capabilities.

Global Data Community

Multiple Providers, Teams and Analysts Collaborate

Job permissions, data sharing rights are securely and carefully orhestrated for you to easily define who can access defined data, jobs, missions, assets and business processes. We keep it super simple to manage these relationships so collaborators have only access to what they need to successfully complete their tasks.

Start Offering Managed Services or Integrated Data Services

START GENERATING REVENUE IMMEDIATELY in Space, Aerial, Ground and Maritime domains. You may mange your own existing clients. In addition, we empower your capabilities to reach out to new clients globally. Start simple and define what you do the best. As a managed service or integrated data processing capability, Connected Ops will connect you to right clients. Below are some samples and you may offer your own services.
* Fully Managed Services : Aerial inspections, survey services, insurance claims mangement...
* Software Technologies : Data collection, data analytics, satellite Imagery, data processing, 3D Mapping, route planning...
* Hardware Technologies : Drones/UAVs, Robots/UGVs, IoT sensors...

Start Offering Services Now

Engage with High-Tech Intelligence and Data Technologies

We empower intellectual property owners, scientists, 3rd-party data processors and analytics providers. In Connected Ops, you will find 3rd party intelligence providers as well as our own data technologies and actionable intelligence capabilities. With only few hassle-free clicks, you may process massive data at a fraction of a cost.

Connected Ops is globally available.
Contact us to scientifically manage your global operations immediately!